Pepiatm instantly
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It's a better way to share your life!
With no training, you create a website in FIVE minutes.

Add a blog, guestbook, live chat, share photos and files.  No limits. No restrictions...  your own computer is doing the hosting!

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With Pepia:
  • create multiple websites in the same computer
  • all your photos show in our search engine
  • your site is viewable from anywhere in the world
  • one click sends a live link to any photo by email
  • photos galleries automatically created from camera orginals
  • every family member can have their own website

A Pepia site is customizable. Think of this: without one minute of training, with a click of a button, you add ways for you and your friends to communicate about your photos; live chatroom, guestbook, daily journal "weblog," a discussion board and more. Plus, Pepia isn't just for photos... share any other file you own!
It's designed for DSL/Cable users, but it works with dial-up too!  You can show your photos to friends and colleagues even when you're on a vacation or business trip.